Monday, January 30, 2012

to keep, or not to keep...

Morning! Where did the weekend go? Oh well, back to work today after my super lazy day off yesterday.
This morning has been spent searching through the remainder of sales shops have to offer..

how cute are these items from Lauren Conrads range?
I found them on never ordered off there, not even sure if they ship to the U.K but they are affordable and super cute so I thought I'd share them with you.
I love the scallop detailing on the blazer, although it had rubbish reviews for quality.
Lilac shades are currently on my radar, a colour I have despised for many years but I find I have grown quite a liking to it. this may be a good thing or bad, still undecided...

I went through some of my old stuff, and found this dress which I have never worn, not sure whether to keep it, eBay it, or give it to charity. I like the floral on it but its difficult to style. The colour palette is quite dull which makes it more suitable as a winter outfit than summer. But because of the one shoulder style it's difficult to team with a coat throughout winter, ah.
What do you think of this dress? Do you think you could give it a home?

p.s i'm putting together a give away in my head. p.p.s it looks awesome.
so spread the word of cause as soon as we hit 50 followers its going live!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

weekend spends


tripod - argos
card reader -

Today was an extremely lazy day, I brushed my hair.. and teeth and just slobbed out at my boyfriends
Isn't that what Sundays were made for?

I picked up this tripod after work on Saturday, it was half price it took a couple of minutes to figure it all out. It has three extensions so you can put in position at different heights, Its very lightweight and came with a carry bag. I had a quick play around with it in my bedroom, I'm not sure how stable it would be outdoors as it appears quite flimsy, but for my need as a amateur it is an amazing product! 
It was around £13 which is brilliant for someone who is just starting out and doesn't want to spend to much, I hope this will encourage me to get outside and take more photographs.
Hopefully I'll be able to post more outfit posts now as I no longer need to rest my camera on a pile of books and hope for the best.

A card reader arrived through the letter box on Saturday, as my MacBook doesn't read my camera through it's usb cable - booo :( - it was £3.49 which was also another amazingly priced purchase! I can now upload my pictures straight to my Mac instead of the long winded way of uploading them to the P.C, then my USB drive, then my Mac.

I also bought a few bits and bobs for my bedroom which is coming along very nicely and will be shared with you very very very soon.

I hope you all had a lovely weekend and I just want to say hello and thank you to my 19 followers, I've kinda gone from none to 19! My followers keep seeming to be going on the up, which is very rewarding to see people are enjoying my content.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

mint & berry ice cream


nails - barry m
pyjamas - la senza 
cushions - argos 

this morning I painted my nails in two very cute pastel shades, I didn't realise they matched my kitty cat pj top till after I painted them! must of done it subconsciously.. I used Barry M, Mint Green 304 and Berry Ice Cream 308 they look very cute and will brighten up this miserable day.

How cute are my pyjamas? A kitty wearing a feather headdress to cute! They remind me of the movie Pocahontas, I'm gonna have to dig out all my old Disney videos. I swooped these up earlier in the month from La Senzas' closing down sale. Can't say I'll miss La Senza never really shopped in there, I just took advantage of the 70% of pyjamas.

I bought these two cute cushions from work yesterday, they were 2 for £15 plus my discount! they look lovely and fit in with the theme of my room. I'll have to share my bedroom with you soon as its done.

tonight will be spent chilling with a take away and lots of movies! perhaps Harry Potter marathon...
What are your plans this weekend?!

Friday, January 27, 2012

payday wishlist

it's payday - YAY! - this is my little payday wishlist, I'm trying not to spend my wages this month as I don't know where I'll be financially next month.. 

001 - I have wanted this pair of Converse for a while now, they are all black and all leather! so sexy, the cheapest I can find them is £57 at Office. They'll be a great alternative to ouchy heels on nights out. 
And will look great with a cheekey pair of new shorts I purchased...

002 - I love the work of Rob Ryan, his book 'This Is For You' is so painstakingly beautiful I could stare at it for hours. This is a cute alternative to a dairy, it will come in handy for just jotting stuff down and the odd doodle!

003 - I already own a thin jersey blazer that I swooped up for £5 at Primark, but I want something more reliable and well made. The Topshop ones are on my radar at the moment, there is a lot of colour block blazers available to buy, but I think I'll be after a trusty black or grey one.

004 - H&M sent me a mini catalogue through the post, I saw this outfit and just wanted it all! It's a bargain outfit costing under £30, what tempts me more is the £5 gift voucher H&M sent me in the post... 

005 - Every girl in the universe seems to be in on the Topshop Vectra hype, or own a pair but me! I'm watching a few pairs on eBay, so hopeful to get a pair they will look great with jeans, shorts, leggings, dresses, tights... everything in my wardrobe! I must own a pair.

006 - How cute is the initial jewellery from asos? Whats even better about it is the price! both £6 each.

I'm also looking into getting a tripod so I can have more outfit posts, as my current set up for taking outfit pictures is this..

what are you buying this payday?!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

cry baby bunting

"Cry Baby Bunting
Daddy's gone a-hunting
Gone to fetch a rabbit skin
To wrap the Baby Bunting in
Cry Baby Bunting"

necklace - asos
bracelet - asos
ring - asos

I love bunting, its super dooper easy to make and creates a great home made feel. It would make a lovely gift if your scrimping this year!
I saw all three of these items on Asos, I was just searching for the bunting ear cuff/hair clip on there but came across these wonders, I like the ring but i'm not a fan of anything that will make my fingers green.
I think, I will defo be investing in the bunting necklace as it will brighten up an outfit.
The colour palette is very on trend pastels at the moment too!

have you got your eye on anything from S/S12 collections at the moment?

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

this town was meant for passing through

dress - dorothy perkins
shoes - topshop
earrings - asos

this is what I wore yesterday, I had an interview/meeting regarding the apprenticeship.
I feel it went well, it made me realise how much I miss doing graphic projects, I finished college last summer and haven't done anything graphic for 7 months, until I started my blog. I looked through and rearranged my portfolio that I put together for my uni interviews to suit my interview and I just fell in love all over again.

p.s excuse my muddy shoes!

Monday, January 23, 2012

d.i.y incredible

On Saturday we had to dress up as Superheroes in work, to raise money for the Teenage Cancer Trust and to promote the new catalogue, I searched the internet for costumes but the results came back.. slutty.
So I decided to make my own, this is me as a d.i.y Incredible! 


to make this costume you will need:
a plain red top
dark transfer paper
so firstly you need to find a logo and flip it so it prints in reverse..
you can pinch the one above i already flipped it!

iron on depending on your image size, the bigger the image the longer you need to apply heat.
this will all be included in the instructions with the transfer paper.

allow to cool, peel off and your good to go!

Here is another costume I created using transfer print, for Tarnia's Lady Gaga 21st birthday!
This costume recieved lots of compliments, and it was super super easy to make!
I cannot explain to you how amazing and easy transfer print is, I think I paid about £4 for a pack of 10 sheets of eBay, but in retail stores its starts at £10 a pack. Make sure you buy the right transfer paper, as I used left over light transfer paper to make my incredibles costume, but I really should of used dark thats why the orange isn't very prominent on top of the red.

top - eBay

bit of a long post, but i hope you enjoyed it!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

singing in the old bars, swinging with the old stars

velvet skater dress - ebay
star tights - ebay
wedge boots - clothes show
bracelet/ring - new look
earrings - primark

These are photos from last weekend that I took after I staggered in at 2am!
I finally wore my velvet skater dress that I posted about ages ago, I teamed it with one of my many pairs of patterened tights - obsessed - and my trusty wedge boots which are extremely comfortable.

I wore my halo hair extensions out which blended unbelievably well with my natural hair and created a brilliant ombre effect. I had lots of compliments as people thought it was my real hair! They are very easy to style, and took the heat of my ghd's pretty well.


here are a collection of images from lasts weekends outings!

ticket to the gun show anyone?

terrible facial expression, the star tights make up for it thou!

me and Tarnia!

oh dear!

me and a real live gummy bear

i should not be left alone with cameras...

midnight feast, chips please!

Friday, January 20, 2012

kick ass c.v

hello, late night post.. but i just wanted to share my totally awesome C.V i made this evening!
I had a very very exciting phone call off my college tutor regarding a full-time apprenticeship in web design, I have been so excited all day. I contacted the guy and he seemed super nice, going to check it out next week. so wish me luck guys!




I have a slight stripe obsession at the moment, somebody get me those shorts ASAP!

p.s I have been very clever and linked you with my nifty numbers I made to the actual links for the products, i'm getting the hang of this wooo!

happy Friday everyone, the weekend is here!!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

graphic conumdrum

i have finally settled on a design for my blog. woooo
it has been very messy lately, and cluttered as i've been trying to make it just right!
what do you think of my header and template? too much or not enough!?

please comment below!

 cardigan - new look
mustard vest - new look
high waisted shorts - new look
shamballa bracelet - clothes show

woah, didn't realise I was dressed top to toe in New Look today till I wrote that... anywho...
Today I wore this outfit and wondered to town, it was a ratty hair and minimal make up kinda day.
I had every intention of starting my Incredibles costume, but when I went to print onto my magic paper it had no black ink left, bummer! So I paid a very kind local graphics company a £1 to print it for me. The d.i.y shall commence tomorrow with a post to follow.

Shamballa bracelets have been very popular at festivals last year and are set to be popular again this year, this bracelet retails at £29.99 in Argos stores, so I swiftly bought this on when I saw it for only £5 at the Clothes Show. There is a wide range on eBay rather cheap, I bought a rainbow one and a turquoise one which made lovely Christmas gifts.

do you have any fun d.i.y projects?