Wednesday, February 29, 2012

inside my make up bag



001. l'oreal true match foundation. (W1 golden ivory)
I have always been a fan of l'oreal foundation, in my early teens I was obssessed with dream matte mousse (wouldn't go near it now) This is my go to foundation, if it becomes discontinued I will be beside myself. It matches my skin tone perfectly and blends really well. The price of it has gone up, along with everything else but this still only cost £9.99. Which I think is brilliant, it is affordable for me and it does exactly what I need. 

002. powder & bronzer (002 pink blossom/022 sun bronze)
I use a powder and bronzer daily, applied with my cosmopolitan brush. I really like this powder the shade I have leaves a rosy shade on my face, it doesn't drown out my colour. It is meant to minimise the appearance of pores, and creates a natural shine. I have been using bronzer for a while now, I have attempted using blusher but it just makes me look like a circus act. I just apply it to my cheeks. I really like the shade I have it isn't to dark and overpowering, it's just right for this goldilocks.

003. models own eye shadow. (white pearl)
I got this eyeshadow free inside my models own bag from the clothes show, I have used it quite a lot. I don't tend to use eyeshadows daily, but this one has started creeping into my daily routine just to make my eyes a bit brighter.

004. rimmel mascara.
this is my current mascara, I as an individual am an absolute fail when it comes to mascara. I just can't seem to find the right one? This one does make my eye lashes look longer and fuller, volumus as the packaging tells. But I find it clumps, which is not good. If I could only be allowed to wear one make up item for the rest of my life it would have to be mascara. As it just defines my eyes more. So please share with me your mascaras!

Also in my make-up bag is a pot of vaseline, its great for lips, cheeks and you can even apply it to your eyes if you don't have any eyeshadow. It also helps promote eyelash growth! I also have a wonderous little tube of golden eye, as I am prone to getting colds and yucky things in my eyes. It just leaks out all the bad things, gross I know. 

Do you have any wonder products to share?
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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

get rhythm, when you get the blues

taken with my new camera, taken my eye colour to a whole new level!

It feels like spring has sprung, I left my house yesterday to walk to work and I was blinded by the sun it's gave me an extra spring in my step and I was brave enough to wear less layers. I was planning on doing an outfit post today but my outfit didn't turn out too exciting. I wore leggings, t shirt, moccasins & my trusty leather jacket completed with a top knot and my moustache earrings. Today was day off 1 of 2, I went into town and returned some things to New Look which were just gathering dust and burning a hole in my pocket. I bought lots and lots of skincare products to try out on my skin as it keeps having random acne break outs - boo hoo :( - so i'll review those sometime next week after they've had a fair bit of usage. I bought myself an early birthday present today, the Samsung PL221 I'm so impressed with it. I was running round the house making everyone look at the quality of the image I took but my family weren't as enthusiastic about the crispness of the image. damn, non arty folk! So, I'll also share that with you once I've taken some snaps.

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Monday, February 27, 2012

Pearl Drops now... smile!

Pearl Drops Now Smile

I picked up Pearl Drops half price at Morrisons and it was totally worth the purchase. I do visit the hygienist various times throughout the year just to give my teeth a proper good cleaning, but at £28 a visit it can become expensive! So I thought I'd try out Pearl Drops, as it claims to give you an "instantly shiner whiter looking smile" They weren't lying! I really love the Pearl Drops product, it leaves my teeth feeling very clean, and gives them a feeling of freshness and that was just after the first use. I have been using it for a week now and I have noticed a difference in brightness too. I wouldn't use it to replace my current toothpaste but use it alongside, so do my usual teeth brushing in the morning at night and use this before I go out anywhere. Did you know your meant to brush your teeth 5 times a day? Or either I have a crazy dentist who wants me to carry my toothbrush around with me. I would highly reccomend this product to anyone who is looking to brighten their smile!

have you tried any of the Pearl Drops products before?
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Sunday, February 26, 2012

instagram: week 04



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Friday, February 24, 2012

polka dots & pocket watch



dress - h&m
cardigan - h&m
coat - new look
necklace - dorothy perkins

I wore this outfit to a christening on a Sunday, I first spotted it in a h&m catalogue I was sent and fell in love with it! I forgot about it for a while and tried it on in a h&m store and fell in love with it even more, but didn't purchase as I had a £5 discount code to use online. When it arrived of course I loved it, but it hit me how short this dress actually is, I was planning on teaming it with heels but decided to opt for my flat moccassions. This outfit is great for any occasion, day time, family meetings, work. The best thing about it is the simplicity, as you can just throw on the dress and some jewellery and it looks like you've made an effort, when really its just the print. I bought this coat from New Look, everyone needs a mac in their wadrobe. It's a timeless piece, that you can just throw on, just my style. What more could you want? Well I should find my get up and go, as I have a meeting at 1.30 at a venue for an event I'm organising, it's a hard life.

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Thursday, February 23, 2012

matalan haul

oopsy, cut off my head!

top - dorothy perkins
shorts - matalan
necklace - matalan

Having quite a busy week again, went shopping with mum yesterday before work. I was super tired by the time I went to work at two. Couldn't really be bothered to try anything on, spent £25 in Matalan and came away with loads! I feel Matalan is underrated as a high street store, my local store is over an hour away I was amazed at the value of the products the quality is good too. I really enjoyed looking through the Be Beau range. I Bought these shorts, for a mere £10 - which were omg, full price - I was amazed at how cheap they wear, considering how much you could expect to get a similar pair from Topshop or River Island. I'm obsessed with polka dots and pastels at the moment, so thats one off my list. These shorts are a great piece for my wardrobe as I can wear them now with tights and a cardi but they will also look great with a strapless top and sandals in the summer! can't wait to wear these in summer..
I also picked up a lunch box that I've been wanting for a while, but couldn't justify paying for it to be delivered as that would make it one expensive lunch box.

But how cute is it? Its similar to Cath Kidston floral prints which I am a sucker for! Can't wait to pack up my lunch and show this off. I also picked up a torque necklace half price for £2.50 which I have seen a lot of bloggers wearing, so that will be making an appearance soon. Picked up my sister some cute little jewellery which was also extremely cheap and if you follow me on instagram you will have seen my adorable new tea cup. 

what have you bought lately?
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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

cosmopolitan: make up tools

cosmopolitan eye lash curler
cosmopolitan powder brush 
both from superdrug

I have had a break out of spots recently - boo :-( - I've been very busy lately so it could be related to that, but I thought it was time to refresh my make up tools. I've had a cosmo powder brush for an ashamedly long time - i'm not prepared to admit how long - so thought it was time to invest in a new one, the bacteria on my current one could be the cause of my unwanted spots. Gross, I know but it is a possibility, Its nice to treat yourself too. I also bought the Cosmopolitan eye lash curler. I have never had one before, due to my Mum telling me at a young age that they are dangerous and can make you blind, to avoid me messing around with one (thanks mum!) I have since grown up and learnt otherwise, I have seen a lot of bloggers post about the shu uemura one which was tempting to get, but as I am a eye lash curler virgin and I'm not sure how much I would use it, I opted for the Cosmo one.
As a first time user, I am very impressed with the eyelash curler it is simple to use and is very effective and the curl in my eyelashes was instantly noticeable. As for the make up brush I can highly recommend that to any one after a new brush! I paid just over £10 for both products, which I find is a steal for branded beauty products.

have you ever used cosmo products before?
what do you recommend?
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Monday, February 20, 2012

instagram: week 03




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