Thursday, April 26, 2012

boohoo style the LBD competition

hello my lovely followers, I have entered boohoo's LBD competition for the chance to win £200 to spend on I styled up my velvet black skater dress with ombre hair, fashion forward tights and a few subtle pieces of jewellery. please please please could you take a second out of your time to press 'like' or leave a comment on my image. That is if you like it!  I would appreciate it so much! Now I need to stay away from their site and stop looking at what I'd buy with the winnings...

Monday, April 23, 2012

big 'ol owl eyes

owl jumper - eBay

I have wanted this owl jumper since it was first released but as I live in the middle of no where and have no access to Topshop stores it was difficult to get my hands on, I did lose a few auctions on eBay which sold for ridiculous prices but I happily won this for £24.99. Its quite itching as its made of mohair but its totally worth being itching over! I wore this jumper shopping today with a top knot, skinny jeans and moccasins it was definitely high in comfort minus the itching. Went shopping with my Mum and spend money that I should really be saving but oh well, you only live once. I will share those purchases with you this week, my bedroom is also almost complete so thats another post waiting! My eBay is bursting with many goodies that I need in my life will have to get like an extra 3 jobs just to fund my spending habits.. 

Saturday, April 21, 2012

i'm back! i'm back!

t shirt dress - asos

I'm back I'm back! I  hope you haven't missed me too much, I haven't posted for too long and I missed my little blog.. but I have decided to treat it to a new header.. so that will become a working progress over the next couple of weeks. Picked up this t-shirt dress from the asos sale - along with lots of other items - still undecided on it as its quite long and i'm afraid it will shorten my stumpy little legs. I have lots of exciting things I've bought to share with you this week. But for tonight I'm going to have a roast dinner,  catch up on blogs and chill out to the max. 

Friday, April 06, 2012

I find it so romantic when you look into my beautiful eyes & lose control

eyeliner yay or nay?

happy Friday! (although my brain thinks its Saturday) was going to do an outfit post today, but I wore an outfit I have previously posted about so seemed pointless! Today was pretty lazy, my body woke its self up at 7 - damn you - but I tossed and turned and had a bit of a lie in, which was pleasantly followed by a bacon sandwich. Best way to start the day! The most of the day was a failed attempt at updating my Dads sat nav, the software is still downloading now. I caught up on blogs, and the leading high street stores 'new in' sections on their websites. Also had a minor trip to town so all in all a lazy day.

Thursday, April 05, 2012

primark haul

please excuse my bloated gut.. I had just devoured a pizza...

Apologies for the lack of posts, even bigger apologies to my MacBook who has been very neglected and unloved this week! I started my new job/apprentice on Monday, which I love! I'm surprised at how much I've learnt already, just little Photoshop bits I wasn't aware of. I have looked at HTML to which wasn't as scary as I thought, but that may all change! So, I now have four days of and the first bank holiday off for the first time in 3 years, crazy! I will attempt to do an OOTD post over the next four days, but not promising anything for tomorrow as I'm planning on having a wonderful lie in.

Anywho.. on with the post. On Sunday I somehow persuaded my Dad to take our family (minus 18 year old anti social emo brother) to Telford. I took a few things back, and swapped it for two very adorable pair of shoes for my new job. The black and white ones have built in cushion which was a bit odd at first but I have got used to it now. I did find them a little tight and my toes sore after wearing them but pain is beauty! The black pair with a bow are very comfortable and they're not to tight which is perfect. I also picked up this adorable clutch I believe it was £7, tomorrow will be spent teaming it up with an outfit for this weekends planned night out. And finally.. a skinny mint waist belt at £2 you can't go wrong, You keep up to date with the pastel trend and then can dispose of it when I get bored, and thats what I love about Primark, disposable trends. Although I won't be disposing of this beauty!

have you found any wonders in Primark lately?

Sunday, April 01, 2012

instagram: week 08

long old instagram post, i've had a busy week!

|| the sun dress is back || giant bunny for my poorly sister || train tickets || losing my nandos virginity || primark, wooops || gift card travels (yet to spend) || asymmetric skirt || my sister texting my boyfriend! || new flip flops || new clutch, swoon ||
|| summery handbag || me & boo #1 || leaving presents || me & boo #2 || boo's new shades ||