Wednesday, August 22, 2012

wishlist 007: h&m

well what a typical british summer we are having, with payday just next week and a/w looming these are my h&m picks!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

rimmel scandal eyes mascara

I am forever struggling to find the perfect mascara, I was stood cluelessly in Superdrug looking at the ones available dreading which rubbish tube I would pay for like a make-up version of russian roulette. There was a kind assistant who could see I was struggling and suggested this one too me. I thought she was just trying to flog me it as it was Superdrugs latest promotion, but she reassured me by saying it was the product she had used and I was drawn in by her super long lashes. SHE DID NOT LIE, I have not used a mascara this good for years, it has a nobbly bobbly ball on the end to reduce clumps and get into the corners. It makes my stumpy barely there lashes look like super long. Overall, 10/10 from me!

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

wishlist 004: skulls

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I am penniless this month but that doesn't stop me browsing online! I am obsessed with skulls at the moment, especially these skull slippers, I hope they are still in stock on payday. I am drawn to deep wine and dark green shades at the moment. I can see myself having a very grungey/gothic winter wardrobe filled with leather lace and many dark shades. I am super excited for winter - don't hate me - you can rely on it being cold and I look forward to layering up!

I have a few items of clothing in my cupboard that have been neglected and unworn, that deserving a loving owner. would you be interested in a blog sale? 

Monday, August 06, 2012

OOTD: casual

top - dvo signature
coat - new look (old)
leggings - asos
converse - asos

This is what I wore today, a casual outfit for an extremely casual day.  I am trying to steer away from wearing leggings as although they are comfortable they're not very attractive. I just feel like I look lazy when I wear them. This is my favourite item of clothing for slouching and chillaxing to the max. I purchased this top from a discount store, where they receive stock from large stores such as Very and sell it at discount prices. I tried searching for it on the internet incase any one was interested in purchasing one and was in fits of giggles when I realised this is actually a maternity top! pah! So thats why its so comfy... Ah well, its my i'm feeling rubbish and lazy but I can fit into size 6 clothing yay for me top.
I went for a nosey round town with my mum and little sister and purchased Carys some Olympic souvenirs to remind her of this mammouth event. I also treated myself to a team GB bracelet. I went on the sun bed for the first time. 
WHAT?!?! Y U USE SUN BED!? THERE BAD FOR YOU? yessss, i know sun beds are terrible for your skin but I don't want to spend my holiday sulking in the sun because my skin is burnt, lets call these sun bed sessions skin training. So, stripping down to my pants then asking how to use it hasn't been one of my best ideas but hey ho! Although the final destination scene did flash through my head as I entered the sun bed, it went fine and I got out alive.

oooh, p.s i am a glasses wearer now, thanks for deteriorating right eye!

Thursday, August 02, 2012

amazon kindle

My family went on holiday for a week and left me at home with my brother, cat, dog and Christian Grey... 
I didn't want to read this book because of the overblown hype surrounding it. It has also received a lot of criticism, about it being poorly written and been dubbed the 'mummy porn' book. But I myself really really enjoyed the Grey trilogy, reading the 3 books in 4 days - would of been sooner if I didn't have to work - I have since started reading the books again. I have read them on the Amazon Kindle, purchased via Argos making the most of my staff discount! It is actually my Mums Kindle. I really like the concept of it and think its an amazing product, it fits perfectly in my handbag and is brilliant for reading in bed as I tend to lay on my side then switch over, it is difficult to perfect this balance with a book. I did find I wanted to touch the screen to turn the pages after many hours of iPod/iPhone/iPad swiping it is just second nature to run my finger across the screen and expect it to turn the page. But alas it didn't happen, I hope to purchase the Kindle Touch in time for my holiday in September, don't think I can wait till Christmas for one.

50 shades fan? check out this fan made trailer!

i'm back!

I have been a terrible blogger and have neglected my little spec on the world wide web for almost a month. The truth is, I just haven't been motivated to write any posts.. I have been kinda busy with work and other commitments but when I had time at home I have been seriously unmotivated to take any pictures - blogwise - or write any posts. In the time I haven't been posting I have finally passed my driving test and have a gleaming corsa that I can drive around in, mega achievement for me! p.s driving is super expensive, i have zilch pounds and zero pence in my bank right now..
I have also collected lots of lovely things to show you over the next couple of posts. I won a giveaway for a gorgeous pair of Zalando shoes, andddddd my amazing mumma bought me the enrapture totem curlers, she just gets me!

lots of exciting things coming your way to read, hope you didn't miss me too much!