Sunday, December 30, 2012

christmas update


Just a few snaps of what I did during the festive period! I had a fabulous Christmas surrounded by the people I care most about. We all stuffed our faces generously, with copious amounts of Turkey, veg sweets and cake. Just large amount of rubbish that no human could possibly intake throughout the year. I swear my face has got a little podgy after eating so much! I will have to get back into the gym as soon as the New Year comes around. I hope you enjoy my little snaps from over the pass few weeks. I also hope you all had a merry christmas & wishing you a happy new year!

Can you notice my Christmas presents? hello kindle and Canon 600D! 
eeeee, best boyfriend ever! 

Saturday, December 29, 2012

meow! hi!

hello! i have neglected my little section on the interweb for far too long apologies to anyone who enjoys reading my blog. I have settled into my new job - which i started in October lolz - and feel its time to resuming blogging, so prepare yourselves for Christmas present unveiling - i had awesome pressies! - many OOTDs and much more.