Monday, January 14, 2013

wilderness explorers

say "hello!" to my beautiful boo-boo 

I finally got round to using my new baby last weekend! Me and Boo - my little sister - ventured to the near by woods to take a few pictures. She wanted to bring along her lotso huggin' bear for some snaps but mum said he would get dirty!
After using my 8 megapixel bridge camera for 5 years, stepping up to a 16 megapixel DSLR is heavenly! Sorry for the pictures of fences, my Mum couldn't understand why I took them, but the detail in the image is superb. I was all like 'But look at the grain! You can see the grain in the wood!' Yeah, she thinks I'm cray..
 I've doubled in camera quality so I'm gonna be taking pictures of EVERYTHING!

I was thinking of getting back on YouTube, would you be interested to see me ramble on there?