Thursday, March 29, 2012

fifi lapin

fifi lapin case - iconemesis

I won this case from Bee - Vivatramp - give away, I was so delighted when she tweeted about it! It was her first giveaway and the first time I have got involved with entering other bloggers giveaways, if you haven't checked out Bees blog already please go ahead & do so, you won't be dissapointed! The phone case itself is adorable, we could decide which one we wanted to win there is so many other brilliant cases available on iconemesis but I simply had to choose this one, fifi lapin in a tea cup? what more could you want! I am also tempted to get the fifi lapin cupcake case too. The case is very sturdy and is a good tight fit, I did give my phone a shake over my bed upside down to see if would come out as I'm used to having cases that cover the whole of my iPhone. But I like this case as it shows off the white of my iPhone! Thanks Bee!

p.s asos have free next day delivery & up to 20% off their own brand today!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

my very favourite sun dress

- sorry about image quality for the first two images camera didn't want to play today -

soul cal deluxe floral dress - republic

I ventured into my attic Friday morning to pick a few summer items out of my suitcase to wear whilst the sun has come out! I'm not brave enough to bring the whole suitcase down as I feel its to early, I mean it is March after all.. I can guarantee as soon as I bring the whole hefty thing down, queue rain and my sorry ass will be dragging it right back up again. I brought down my coral jeans, a few printed vests and this beautiful little sun dress! I didn't have time to fake tan my legs and didn't want to scare the people of my town with my milk bottle legs so teamed it with leggings. Of course a top knot and aviators was necessary for today. Whenever its warm I grace a top knot, to get all of my locks of my neck and let it breathe. The aviators are just ultimate cool. I love this dress so much, I bought it to go away to Turkey last year with my boyfriend. I paid around £20 which is an awesome price, it is half price now so get yourself to your nearest Republic and get this dress! - I think there was only a size 12 left online when I checked - I have a nasty headache right now, don't think my cornea are used to so much intake of day light. so I have come indoors to chill out and listen to the Beach Boys.

the only pale person in all of Turkey!

ladies, how would you feel about me posting a blog sale, 
got lots of lovely clothes & shoes that don't get worn and need to go to new loving owners?

Sunday, March 25, 2012

instagram: week 07

|| new polish || bargain chocolate || iconemis parcel || fifi lapin case || for my poorly boyfriend ||
|| rob ryan || ready to go || aviator weather || easter bunny alive & dead || coral jeans & converse ||

not a two post in one day kinda blogger, but couldn't not do instagram post!
what is your view on multiple posts daily?

they would rue the day, I was alone without you

quickly taken on iPhoto!

gah, seriously didn't realise how late it was getting! Just an update as I haven't posted for zomg 3 days! I did have posts planned for Thursday & Friday but being the unorganised scatty person I am at the moment I didn't schedule the posts ready. I had a phone call early Thursday morning which resulted in my boyfriend having to stay in hospital for two days, he broke his arm really badly and had to have a metal plate & other metaly bits put in, ouch! :( If you have been reading my blog long enough you would have read about the awesome birthday present I got him, Bear Grylls: Mud, Sweat & Tears tickets he unfortunately couldn't go to that as he wasn't allowed to leave the hospital, but we're going to go shopping this week and I'll get him a new present then! I attended the Bear Grylls show and it was totally awesome! What an inspirational evening that was, but more on that another time. I'm gonna go chill in bed, watch Avatar & catch up on blogs! 

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

my new blazer!

blazer - river island via eBay

I have been after a more sturdy blazer for a while to replace my jersey one. My boyfriend got me this one for my birthday from River Island, he paid the full price for it and I wasn't sure how much use I would get out of it considering the price tag. The River Island ones went down to half price which was so annoying, and they aren't able to refund the difference which is understandable, they also don't offer an exchange so sending this one back to re buy it at the reduced price would result in us paying another delivery charge. But me being the eBay whizz, I found the exact same blazer on eBay for £21 - the price has gone up since - it is the exact same blazer, the labels are a bit odd and not River Island official looking, but hey the blazer looks the exact same. Its a very luxurious blazer, soft to touch and the lining inside is super comfy. My lovely Vallvik dresser was collected from Ikea by some family friends yesterday, so that shall be assembled later on! Now the task of taking out my clothes from my current one and storing them downstairs. Oh well at least I can have a good sort through my clothes this way, killing two birds with one stone.

remember 50 followers marks a give away!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

happy mothers day!

the bottom colour is the true colour of the iPod, the above black is just a reflection of my camera!

iPod Shuffle - Apple

I have a very poorly mum this mothers day, but this definitely managed to put a smile back on her face. She has been talking about getting an iPod shuffle for a while now, so she has something to listen to when she goes running. But as a working mum of 3 children, she can't really afford to go out and buy herself an iPod. I work at Argos so I could of purchased one from there and took advantage of my staff discount but Apple offer a free engraving service so I justified not having my discount for the price engraving would cost. I was extremely impressed with Apple services I think ordered this on the Tuesday evening, and it was engraved and ready to be shipped on the 13th, how totally awesome? I am a mahooosive Apple fan and have raved about their products for years. I love my Apple products and they are still in full working order even after years of use!


 I also put together a little gift basket for my boyfriends mum, not as a Mothers Day present but more of a thank you. So thanks for feeding me all the time and letting me stay over rent free! I got her an angel wings phone case, little 'angels gather here' plaque, it is super little.. I've lost it a couple of times this week. Of course a massive bar of galaxy and I also got a irish cream hot chocolate on a spoon, which I thought was cool. Its a solid lump of chocolate that you stir into milk and it becomes hot chocolate, how clever.

ta da, what do you think of my wrapping skills!?

Saturday, March 17, 2012

home sweet home

I have spent time doing up my bedroom lately but decorating isn't cheap so I had to have a small break in my interior planning. Payday is slowly coming around and I have my eye on a few pieces for my bedroom. After all I spend so much time in my bedroom it makes sense to make it a sanctuary of all things I love. This payday I will definately be purchasing a dressing table, I have my eye on one - please don't sell out before payday! - I need a new chest of drawers as I hate my current ones, I've had them when we moved in four years ago, and I will ashamedly admit they were the ones that previous owner left behind. 
I do have my eye on a chest of drawers from Ikea, now I live right in the middle of Wales, where nothing exists.. my nearest Ikea is probably Birmingham so I might sweet talk my Dad in to taking us as I find a £35 delivery charge to be horrendous! I also really like the above home accessories, mainly the rabbit night light, I must have you in my live! Will buying it for myself as an Easter present justify buying it? I think so!

cath kidston hangers - cath kidston
so beautiful, my clothes won't want to be hidden away in my cupboard if they are hanging on these!
'home' vase - laura ashley
I fell in love with the teacup lamp base previously, but this is just as cute.
floral doorstop - laura ashley
how sweet is this doorstop, i like the shades of pink.
flocked boxes - laura ashley
duck egg blue is my main colour in my bedroom, it makes sense for me to buy these with that in mind.
heart shelf unit - dotcomgiftshop
I need somewhere new to store my perfumes, this may be the perfect place..
dressing table - ikea
I need a dressing table in my life ASAP!

have a wonderful weekend whatever your plans are, I will be relaxing tonight & watching excessive episodes of Sopranos (my current obsession) giving my body a much needed rest after going out three weekends in a row!

Friday, March 16, 2012

I'm your little harlot, scarlet

So here it is, you voted for more outfit's of the day and you got them! 

top - h&m
leggings - river island 
everything else is old, sorry!

This is my current go to outfit for ultimate comfort, I have grown a love for leggings. They are so much more comfortable than wearing stiff skinny jeans but, I've seen so many people wear them wrong in the past and it just put me off. Then there is the whole can you wear leggings as trousers debate, no. I myself can't gracefully wear leggings as trousers especially my new leggings which are see through on the butt area. I am always conscious of certain areas not being covered, haha. I have had this leather jacket for years, it was from New Look its done very well although I have noticed a hole on the elbow area. I've also had this scarf for yonks, it was originally from River Island, I think it was about £10 which is an amaze balls price because its a luxurious fabric and feels silky to touch. Had a quiet day today I just popped out for lunch with my boyfriend and discovered a new found love for quesadillas, yum. Today I was sporting a middle parting, I'm getting bored of my overgrown side fringe. But there is no this is no chance in hell I could pull of a bulky fringe, so currently having a hair dilemma. white girl problems!

where are you on the leggings as trousers debate? yay or nay?

I would just like to add.. thank you so much to everyone who viewed my blog yesterday. I know its not cool to talk about blog stats and all that, but yesterday my blog experienced extremely high views, which is so so wonderful after me struggling to think of posts to write and worrying if readers are enjoying my content it really gave me the boost I needed, what a wonderful blogging world I am now part of! Thank you beauties!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

marc jacobs daisy eau so fresh

peep oh!

marc jacobs daisy eau so fresh - BuyaPowa

I first smelt this perfume back in the airport last year, it was simply gorgeous and I should of parted with my cash there and then, but my initial thought was to shop around a bit, it might be cheaper on the flight back. of course it wasn't.. But since then I have really chickened out every time its come to purchasing this, I didn't feel right parting with the best part of £50 for this perfume. So when I saw Emma over at milkteef had chose it for her product on BuyaPowa's blogger week, I signed up to the co-buy straight away. The BuyaPowa site has a great concept, individual sellers get together to take part in a co-buy so the price drops, it is essentially like a company buying in bulk. The more people that get involved in the co-buy allows the price drop, the co-buyer that gets the most people involved in the co-buy receives their product for free! This fragrance came down to £35 which was totes amaze! Now I can smell beautiful for a fraction of the price. Maybe I'll let my phone in on the beauty game and treat it to a Marc Jacobs Daisy lid style case.

I've got lots of things to sort through and blog about so I have no excuse for the future, my hours have been cut next week - boo hoo - which frees me up with time to blog! I've had a very lucky week, I placed my first bet on the Cheltenham Races and won a cheeky £50 which will be spent next weekend in Birmingham. I also won Bee over at vivatramp first giveaway for a gorgeous iPhone cover! Which I am over the moon about as I have never won any sort of giveaway before, so I am very excited for that to arrive!

what do you think of the current font size? too small and irritating? or just right!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

top tanning products: reviews & tips


A fortnight ago, I went out for my birthday I wore my orange dress and decided to go bare legged for the evening but felt I need a bit more colour on my skin!

L'OREAL SUBLIME BRONZE -  I've had this product for a while, it has a 360 nozzle on it to create an even coverage. To be honest I wasn't impressed, as you can't see where you have sprayed previously. I applied it at the beginning of the week and didn't see much progress in the darkness of the colour. 

PALMERS GRADUAL TANNING MOISTURISER - This is another product I've had for a while, I love this product and is great if you want a gradual natural looking tan. But unfortunately for this outing a needed a dark tan and fast!

SOLAIT TINTED BRONZING FOAM - I began to fret by the Thursday as my legs weren't looking very dark and I knew my dress was going to drown the colour of me out. I was tempted to have a freak impulse buy on fake bake or st tropez, but after discussing and YouTube reviews with Tarnia I decided to try Superdrugs own Solait bronzing foam, it was only £6 what was there to loose? I love Solait, it was super easy to apply it leaves a mark so you can see where you have previously applied. It does have a really strong biscuity scent - this may explain why I attracted the attention of many strange people that evening - but for £6 you cannot go wrong with this. 

top tanning tips:
exfoliate before hand, using a scrub to remove any dirt focusing on the knees & ankles! remove all those dead skin cells and reveal revitalised ready to tan skin, tan applied to dry uneven skin will leave patches and result in you covering up not showing off those sexy pins!

moisture daily when you get out of the shower or before you get your beauty sleep, patchy dry skin won't respond well to a faux glow. But do remember to let it sink in fully before applying your tan. Pay extra attention to areas that can get dry and need extra moisture wrists, elbows, ankles, knees & feet

don't fake tan in the brand new top you bought, dig out some old loose fitting items that you don't mind getting dirty,
 take off those elasticated socks and avoid tight waistbands.

if you are brave enough to fake tan your face, dot a small amount of Vaseline along your brows and next to your hair line. This can prevent embarassing tide marks appearing in these areas.

Orange palms are a no no! apply tan using a tan mitt, or alternatively latex gloves and then gently apply to the back of the hands after body application using a cotton wool pad.

moisture daily when you get out of the shower or before you get your beauty sleep, patchy dry skin won't respond well to a faux glow.

being beautiful is time consuming, by creating a routine of gentle exfoliating and moisturising you can prolong the life of your faux glow.

Monday, March 12, 2012

instagram: week 06


|| food shopping || asos shirt || cutest stamp || off to the post box ||
|| birthday blazer || swamped in my own bed || t mart delivery ||
|| more stamps || juicy couture case || 40 lashes ||